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Do you have a property here in Bakersfield that needs electrical installation, wiring, or lighting replacement? Contact us today to get connected with reliable and licensed electricians across Bakersfield, California now!

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Bulb & Ballast Replacement

To ensure your safety, we have professionals a call away who can replace the bulb and ballast in your lighting fixtures. If you need help with lighting installations or repairs, why not give us a call?

Garage Lighting

Trying to install garage lighting is trickier than it sounds! Fortunately, Bakersfield Electrician Services can take care of all the hard work and send a provider to your property to handle anything from light motion sensors to CCTV cameras in your garage.

Holiday Lighting

Take the stress out of holiday lighting and hire a professional to handle it for you! With just one call to Bakersfield Electrician Services, we can send a lighting installation expert straight to your doorstep.

Landscape Lighting

To add extra value and security to your home, landscape lighting is a great choice. If you need help with an outdoor lighting installation or an exterior power outlet, give our team a call today.

Laundry Room Lighting

Did the lighting in your laundry room break? Don’t worry—we can help! Whether you want to install new lighting in your laundry or replace a burned-out lightbulb, phone us today for immediate assistance.

Light Motion Sensors

Interested in having light motion sensors or other safety and security systems installed to protect your home? Look no further—give us a call at Bakersfield Electrician Services today!

Lighting Installation

We are the best place to call the next time you need a lighting installation at your home or office. Whether you are interested in LED lights or laundry room lighting, Bakersfield Electrician Services can link you with the perfect expert for the job.

Minimalist LED Lights

Would you like to replace your current lighting with energy-efficient minimalist LED lights to help cut costs on your electricity bill? Give us a call at Bakersfield Electrician Services for free quotes today!

Pantry Lights

Need help repairing or installing pantry lights in your home, workshop, or business? We would be happy to help you find the perfect professional for your job! Call us today for free quotes.

Specialty Lighting

Do you wish you could find someone to help you with customizable specialty lighting for an event? Don’t waste any more time trying to research the best providers—we can take care of all the hard work for you! Give us a call today to learn more about lighting installation services in Bakersfield, VA.

Under-cabinet Lighting

Enhance your bathroom or kitchen with the latest under-cabinet lighting. If you need help with cabinet lighting, pantry lights or other specialty lighting, drop us a line today!

Lighting Repair

Dealing with broken lighting in your home or office? You don’t always have to replace your lights entirely—sometimes, it’s worth having your lighting repaired instead. For help fixing broken lighting, call Bakersfield Electrician Services today!

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Top-rated Bakersfield, California Electricians

If you own a commercial or residential property in Bakersfield, California, you can depend on our team to match you with the safest and most affordable wiring services. Electrical repairsreplacements, and other servicing are not just straightforward home improvement projects. Without the right expertise, attempting electrical services can cause serious safety risks. You can’t hire just anyone to help you fix your home wiring or broken lighting. That is why Bakersfield Electrician Services is here to help you locate the most qualified Bakersfield electricians. Our contractors are trustworthy, licensed, and fully equipped to handle anything from whole house surge protection installation to gadget programming.


From lighting installation to lighting repairs, we can put you in touch with experienced and licensed electricians who can ensure the safety and efficiency of the lighting in your home.

Lighting Experts at Your Service

It is essential to employ a licensed and proficient electrician to prevent any safety risks. That’s where we come in.


Do you have any issues with your home or business’s electrical system? We can assist you in finding a capable and experienced electrician with ease! We have experienced technicians available to tackle all your needs, from tube and knob wiring replacement to whole house surge protection and bathroom fan repairs.


Call us today to learn more about our network of licensed electricians in California!

We Can Connect You with Some of Bakersfield’s Best Electricians

Have you ever spent hours looking for the right contractor, to no avail? Luckily, Bakersfield Electrician Services is here to take all the hassle out of finding a qualified expert for electrical services!

Gadget programmingupgrading electrical panels, and emergency electrical repairs are not the kinds of services that you want to attempt yourself. Whether you need assistance with home rewiringinstalling programmable lighting, or childproofing your outlets, the safest thing to do is to hire a qualified professional.

That’s where we come in! You can rely on us at Bakersfield Electrician Services to find you a licensed Californiaprofessional for all your electrical upgrades, programming, and other needs. Call us today for free estimates

Our Services

We can connect you with some of the most efficient electricians in town at Bakersfield Electrician Services. Let us help you locate trusted service providers for your home or business!

From installing under-cabinet lighting and wiring heated towel bars to installing dedicated circuits and setting up surge protectors, we have all your electrical needs covered. Call us to speak with a licensed Californiaelectrician today!

Your Go-to Choice for Electrical Services in Bakersfield

Our team members can connect with licensed Californiaelectricians to fix all kinds of electrical issues, such as broken CCTV cameras, outdated fire alarms, and faulty motion sensors.

Electrical problems aren’t just inconvenient; they can be dangerous, too, and may need immediate action to prevent the risk of electrical fires and other hazards. If you have an electrical problem that cannot wait, let us send an emergency electrician straight to your doorstep.

Unlike some DIY home projects, electrical repairs are not issues you should try to sort out yourself. Contact us today to speak to experienced electricians in Bakersfield.

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Trustworthy Lighting Technicians

Having issues with the dedicated circuits in your home? Need help replacing a drawer outlet in your office?

Whatever the case may be, you can rely on us to help you find the right professionals for any job, however big or small. From hot tub & pool rewiring to pantry lighting installations, we have licensed electricians in our network who are equipped to handle any task.

At Bakersfield Electrician Services, we are proud of our reputation for putting our clients in touch with the most dependable electricians in town. If you need help finding the right provider, you don’t have to wait any longer!

We have an extensive network of vetted professionals who can help upgrade, install, replace and repair any electrical system to ensure optimal performance. If you want to make sure you have safe and efficient electrical systems in your home, get free quotes from our team today!


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Dependable & Affordable Lighting Services in Bakersfield

Most of the time, replacing a lightbulb is a task you can do on your own. In some cases, though, lighting installations might be significantly more complicated.

If you need help setting up or replacing the lighting in your garage, laundry room, or outdoor space, you may want to call on a professional electrician for assistance. Lighting can require a lot more equipment, time, and energy than you are willing to spend, so any sort of complex lighting is best left to professionals.

Furthermore, it is much safer to get a licensed electrician to deal with your lights than to try to wire up lights yourself! No matter what kinds of lighting services you need, we can refer you to some of the best electricians in Bakersfield for the job.

Services You Can Trust

Along with electrical services for homes, we can connect you with Bakersfield electricians who also service a wide range of commercial and retail settings.

Event Venues

Commercial Offices

Bars & Restaurants

Residential Homes

Shopping Malls

Museum & Galleries


Do you want to explore our services and find out more about how we link clients with local professional electricians? Read more about our offerings at Bakersfield Electrician Services!

We can pair you with electricians who will assist with all kinds of electrical needs, including house rewiringsmoke detector installations, and electrical panel upgrades, to name just a few.

Yes!  Our team at Bakersfield Electrician Services is known for pairing customers with local experts who serve residential and commercial clients alike. Contact us now for free quotes!

All kinds – we can help you find providers who install and repair specialty lightsstandard bulbs & ballast, laundry room lightinglight motion sensors, and a lot more.

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