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Need assistance with wiring, lighting, electrical repairs, or other related services? Call us to get connected with trustworthy, licensed electricians across Bakersfield, California now!

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Bathroom Fan Installation

Not only do bathroom fans remove odors, but they can also help control humidity levels in the bathroom. Let us connect you with an experienced electrician to install or replace your bathroom fan.

Ceiling Fans

Keep your home cool even during the hottest days of summer with a ceiling fan. If you need help installing or replacing your ceiling fan, we can refer you to trusted electricians in Bakersfield.

Service Panel Upgrades

Unmaintained Electrical service panels can be a dangerous fire hazard and can even cause inconvenient electrical outages that disrupt your life. Upgrading your service panel can help maximize your structure’s safety & efficiency.

Energy Saving Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Reduce your electric bill with an energy-saving bathroom exhaust fan. To get a new bathroom fan installed in your home, we can refer you to some of the finest electricians in your area.

Electric Car Charger Station

If you just bought an electric car and need a charging station installed outside of your home, don’t hesitate to give us a call! We can connect you with qualified electricians near you.


Need help installing or replacing electrical circuits in your home or commercial premises? Contact Bakersfield Electrician services to get connected with dependable electricians near you.


Thanks to generators, you’ll never have to worry about losing power to your house or business again. If you would like a generator installed or repaired, contact Bakersfield Electrician Services now.

Tube & Knob Wiring

If have an old property that still has knob and tube wiring, you should have your wiring system replaced ASAP because these early-1900s systems pose fire hazards. Call us today to speak with an emergency electrician!

USB Outlets

To charge devices with ease, there is nothing as convenient as USB outlets. If you would like a USB outlet installed to replace a standard power outlet, contact Bakersfield Electrician Services today!

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Top-Rated Bakersfield, CA Electricians

Electrical services, repairs, and installations are not problems you can hire just anyone to fix. That’s why Bakersfield Electrician Services is here to connect customers with experienced and licensed California electricians. The contractors in our network are trusted, verified, and fully qualified to handle everything from commercial energy audits to home rewiring. Whether you own a commercial or residential property in Bakersfield, California or one of its nearby suburbs, you can rely on our team to match you with the safest and most affordable electrician services in town.

Install & Replace

From ceiling fan and USB outlet installations to EV charger and generator replacements, we can connect you with phenomenal electricians in the Bakersfield area to install and replace your electrical systems.

Electrical Installation & Replacement Experts

If a problem occurs with the electrical system in your home or business, it is important to hire a professional electrician to avoid any safety risks.

At Bakersfield Electrician Services, we can help you find qualified and experienced electricians with ease. From circuit replacements and house rewiring to USB outlet installations and smart home technology, we have trained technicians available to handle all of your needs.

Trust our team to put you in touch with experienced and licensed California electricians across the Bakersfield area! Call us today for a quote.

Hire an Exceptional Bakersfield Electrician Today

Electrical repairs, home rewiring, and dedicated computer circuitry are not the kinds of services that you want to try to attempt on your own. It is always safest to get a professional electrician to manage electrical installations, services, and repairs.

Fortunately, finding a qualified professional for your wiring, lighting, or electronic security system services has never been easier!

Whether you need help replacing circuits, installing whole house surge protection, or repairing your lighting, you can count on Bakersfield Electrician Services to match you with licensed California electricians near you.

Our Services

At Bakersfield Electrician Services, we can match you with the most capable electricians in town. Let us help you locate electrical repairs or installation services for your home or business.

Get help with security & safety systems for your office, arrange specialty lighting for your event venue, or call us for home rewiring services today!

First-Choice Electrical Services

Broken lighting, outdated tube & knob wiring, and malfunctioning generators aren’t just huge inconveniences; they are also fire hazards and safety risks!

Unlike some DIY home projects, electrical repairs definitely aren’t problems you want to attempt to handle on your own. That’s where our Bakersfield Electrician Services team comes in.

We have staff ready and waiting to put you in touch with licensed California electricians to manage all of your electrical services! Call our team today to speak with an experienced contractor near you.

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Trustworthy Installation & Replacement Technicians for Your Electrical Services

Need electrical installations or repairs for a property in Bakersfield, California?

If so, you have certainly come to the right place! Whether you are having trouble with the switches & outlets in your home or need help installing a GFCI outlet at your office, you can count on Bakersfield Electrician Services to help you find the right team for your job.

We are known for putting our customers in touch with some of the most dependable electricians in Bakersfield and its surrounding suburbs. From CCTV installations and ceiling fan replacements to electrical inspections and gadget programming, there is practically no limit to the types of electrical services we can help you arrange.

After all, in this day and age, electrical services include a lot more than just lightbulb replacements. We have associates who can help you upgrade and modernize your electrical system for optimal efficiency and performance. Give us a call today to get started!


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Professional Electrical Installations & Repairs

Looking for a trusted electrician to assist with installing or replacing outlets or circuits in your property? Need help with a ceiling fan installation? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

At Bakersfield Electrician Services, we can match you with first-class electricians near you. Whether you need your generator replaced, want to get USB outlets installed in your home, or would like to replace your bathroom fan with an energy-saving model, we can recommend trusted technicians in Bakersfield.

Many older properties in California still have tube & knob wiring from the early twentieth century or outdated service panels that need to be upgraded. Whatever your situation, there is no better place to find electrical installation and replacement services than Bakersfield Electrician Services.

Services We Offer

Along with electrical services for homes, we can connect you with Bakersfield electricians who also service a wide range of commercial and retail settings.

Event Venues

Commercial Offices

Bars & Restaurants

Residential Homes

Shopping Malls

Museum & Galleries


Interested in learning more about our team at Bakersfield Electrician Services? Learn more about how we match clients with expert local electricians!

We can pair you with electricians who handle everything from fire alarm installations to electrical panel upgrades.

Absolutely! The electricians in our network can assist with smart thermostats, programmable lighting, and many other smart home gadgets.

Yes! Call us to get connected with top-rated Bakersfield electricians who serve both residential and commercial clients.

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